Shut Up Miracles

Shut Up Miracles

Travel Log: Savannah

This is a story about a closet of miracles, being loosed into the world. It began as a conversation about plane rides and ended up being about missions, miracles, trafficking, and God making ALL THINGS NEW!

I am at the beginning of a year of preparation. God is moving in such big ways I could never have imagined and I cannot keep quiet about it. Part of this preparation was everything leading up to now, and right now, at this particular moment, I am on my couch contemplating miracles again.

This year I am living in community with friends of mine I’ve known for almost ten whole years, if you can even believe that. We met in college and we live here now, and it’s been pretty filled with amazing things, so far. Katie and I had a really great talk the other night as we paused the Kardashian’s trip to Bora Bora. Seriously, God can speak through anything if you’re listening. He spoke through a donkey, and he speaks through reality tv. Actually, this is not the most profound thing He’s spoken to me through reality television, but more on that later.

First, I have to go back to earlier in the day.

Prior to this conversation with Katie, I was planning on Skyping with Ashley, my former teammate to Swaziland in 2007. She wasn’t immediately online at our allotted time so I ended up shutting myself in my closet to have a dark place to load my film into my Brownie camera. Crazy as this is, the door wouldn’t open from the inside. I was trapped in my tiny closet, in the dark. My roommates wouldn’t be home for hours. I was mute because I was locked behind three doors (front, bedroom, closet), and in an older brick home where no one would know my whereabouts. I tested the door every way I could and figured out that by pushing with my feet along the bottom; the door gave way just enough to weaken the hinges. After an hour of struggling, I burst out of the closet. Free again. While it is mildly humorous to envision, it was terrifying in all actuality. God’s entrusting me with heavy messages of not being bound or shut up and here I am, trapped, missing my opportunity to speak with Ashley, shut up literally and figuratively. Bound to the confines of my sickly green walled closet. Until I burst out of there.

While in the closet, my mind was racing. Is God trying to speak to me? Can you speak to me outside of the closet!? Is this an attack? I was running out of air, panicked. I really injured myself getting out, and maybe it wasn’t necessary even to be so frantic. Something came over me, though. I was finally freed as the hinge popped off the door. I immediately stumbled across my room and face-planted onto my bed. Sweating, bruised, muscles spasming. My mind exhausted at the inward struggle.

As I logged onto my computer, an hour and a half after our allotted time, Ashley had JUST gotten on and asked if I wanted to Skype. Um, YES! Let me tell you what, the things we spoke to life bore fruit immediately! Fire sunk into our bones and we were speaking out about past things and current. The miraculous things we saw in Swazi with the girls at the Tree Line, and the heavy spiritual oppression. God has us moving mountains and we weren’t even realizing it. This one conversation has since spread fire onto every conversation I’ve had.  Is that a miracle? To me it is; it is changing things already.

In light of that, I sat with Katie in the living room and our conversation about dreams of getting a free first class ticket one day, began to morph into deep discussions on miracles and warfare.

So, I asked, do miracles not happen anymore or do we simply not believe they happen because we don’t have belief? In going back to our team’s story of the Tree Line, that I’ve told countless times. I can walk around my whole life and say that while in Swazi, we prayed and girls stopped selling their bodies to men, so prayer works. Yes, that is true. Prayer indeed works, beyond our comprehension, directly and through intercession. But the reality is, because my team prayed in boldness, girls stopped prostituting themselves in a slum in Africa! We walked in boldness and generations of girls’ lives were transformed and they knew their worth! The girls said, “It did not make us feel good inside, so we stopped showing up and the men stopped coming.” The men, who had always come to these 8-13 year old girls, EVERY DAY, stopped coming. How have I not been telling the story THAT way!? Because God’s word is not chained! It cannot be shut up in a closet and no power of death can touch it! The freedom that branched off of Ashley’s and my one conversation has already rooted into four other conversations. It is insatiable and unquenchable. This is a small part of a mighty love story of our Redeemer searching His earth to bring us into deeper love and joy WITH HIM. The story of rescue and redemption! Of freedom and worth! How are we not rushing toward this?

So, are miracles not happening or are we not opening our eyes and hearts to the truth within the miracle? What makes something miraculous? The change it brings? The love and fire it instills? Praise God for this freedom, may you all break free of that in which you’re hiding or trapped. Rush onward toward your sustainer, because he makes ALL THINGS new. Not just daily, but moment by moment. New. New. New. Walk freely today.

“The Sovereign Lord has given me an instructed tongue, to know the word that sustains the weary. He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my heart to listen like one being taught.” – Isaiah 50:4


One thought on “Shut Up Miracles

  1. Ashley says:

    I love this!! Seriously it warmed my heart to read it, thank you for sharing 🙂

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