The Call & The Question

The Call from the Desert

I’ve spent a majority of my life running and hiding. Like Saul in the baggage, and like Jonah from Ninevah. I just found false comfort in it all, but was always looking over my shoulder to see if anyone had found out yet that I was an impostor in my own skin. Something in me wrecked in Swaziland in 2007, and I never quite got back on track. So, I ran this wobbly race backwards again despite God calling. Seriously, I’ve been re-reading old journals, it’s a bloody mess of falling, running, hiding, and God redeeming, pulling me out of the shadow, and hemming me in.

Well, the past few months God has just been intricately weaving this tapestry of freedom that is like a banner of redemption. Kind of like an intricate quilt that I can snuggle up into or roll up in like when I was a kid and the blanket was SO HUGE compared to my little self. His call at this point is so true and so pure and clear that it is all I can do to not run dancing in the street right now. He is calling me to full-time missionary work, that is sure. I know it is true for SO MANY INCREDIBLE confirmations over my life in this. Not only this though, but also for the opposition I’ve faced. As the excitement builds and the freedom flows from me; in all the planning for this blog and the preparing for what is to come (in as much as God has revealed), there are all of these attempts to thwart this journey. So far the following has happened:

– I’ve been trapped in a closet

– I’ve gotten fever

– I’ve been bed-ridden for days

– I’ve been to the ER, and put on pain meds for a pulled muscle

– I am groggy and exhausted

But all of those things start with I and let me share some of what is starting with God through this.

– God is revealing deeper understanding of himself to me

– God is freeing me even more than I could ever have imagined

– God is pulling me deeper into his redemptive love story

– God is speaking truth over lies

– God is calling me (and preparing me) to full-time missions work

– God is showing me true rest

– God is speaking, entrusting, and confirming!

While this is an impromptu post, I am just so excited for the new opportunities and God leading me down a road of preparation that I CANNOT KEEP QUIET. As I usually have said, I love to partner with people in this crazy revolutionary community. At this particular moment, it doesn’t even have to do with money, just MY own time. SO, here’s the deal…


This is where I need some help. God has blessed me with a part-time art teaching position, leaving ample room for preparation for the upcoming journey. I want to experience various types of ministry in action and would love to visit you, YES YOU in whatever ministry you find yourself involved in at the moment. I don’t care where in the world you are right now, I would not only love to hear about your current journey, but possibly volunteer to serve with you for a few days.

Let me share the call God’s laid upon my heart. He has called me to breathe life and joy into others. He has called me to share with others their worth in Christ. Namely young women, but somehow God’s giving me the beautiful opportunity to speak into the lives of men as of late, as well. I have a passion for working with the current abolitionist movement to abolish modern-day slavery. I am looking for any kind of ministry, big or small, new or ages old. I want to learn and grow in wisdom, and want to spend my time “off” in preparation and serving. So, this blog, it turns out, might be about that.

Do you think you could help? Do you know anyone who has a ministry I could visit and document the journey? Please send me the contact info to


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