The Freedom Process

Lately I’ve been up to some shenanigans, thinking of ways to express all of the things I’ve learned in life through art, which can get overwhelming because God’s always teaching me new stuff and He’s already taught me a whole lot.


One project I’ve started that I am extremely fond and proud of is called The Freedom Process. I’ve been creating through the medium of photography for awhile now, and did some event photography in the past, and now I am focusing on the creation of a concept within a series. I’m honing the fine art end if you will.


The Freedom Process is a series centered on “suffering”. Why? Here’s an excerpt from the above link.

“My simple answer is: freedom. I believe there is immense freedom in facing your past and putting to rest the lies we tell ourselves. An expanded version of that answer is, to promote community and growth. As you may know, it is easy to keep things locked away and be bound by our past, and my hope is to unlock some of those stories and share them through the medium of photography. It is common to think that we are isolated in these experiences, sometimes to the point of creating our identity around it, but everyone is experiencing the same (or similar) things in life and need an outlet to know they can share it and not be alone.”


Check it out and leave your mark on the process! The more people who share this link, “Like” the FB page, and share their story, the more freedom can come from it. This project is not meant to stay under cover. Spread the word!

Three photoshoots down, I am whittling away the choices for the first three photos and would love feedback. Visit TFP’s Facebook page for updates, or follow TinyWorldTravels on Twitter.


I can’t wait to see what you share! Until next time, may you have the courage to face your hurts and enter into more wild freedom.


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