It’s happening yet again. A move away from something good into something… better? God keeps whispering that over me. Right now, I am in the midst of a move. I am trying to fit my belongings into my little four door sedan and then leave even more of that stuff with my family before starting my new season with AIM.


There have been some snafus in the packing and shifting about this morning when I a pipe burst in a bathroom and flooded the hallway. My neon blue socks soaked through as I splashed frantically through the puddles of water. Moving is not without its perils, I see. As I stuff my stuff into boxes and sort the keepers from the give-away-ers from the sell-ers, I forgot one little thing.


I sold most of my big stuff, even way back in August I started that process with my bedroom set. But in my narrow focus on packing the small things and selling the big I overlooked something, one thing that just won’t fit where I’m going.



I forgot my chair. A chair just big enough to not have enough room for. What ever will become of it? I really like that chair and I paid for it from what I earned from selling other things. It’s a good chair, I laughed on it, piled stuff on it, experienced the perils of a new puppy on it, cried deep heavy tears over life learnings and pains on it. It served me well with my cups of coffee and study sessions too; I can’t just leave it! It’s like a teddy bear you grew up with, it might know I left it behind or stuffed it in a box alone. Consequently, my silly little chair is making me realize that this move away from Savannah, from coffee dates with lovely friends, from study sessions together, from community through laughter and tears, is harder than I thought it would be.


I don’t know what I’m going to do with the actual chair yet. It’s kind of beside the point because the chair, like my old teddy bears, is not going to notice or feel anything if I lost it. It’s just the transition of moving into unknown from something that was already lovely is one we all go through from time to time, right? But those sorrows and joys we can’t always carry to new places.


So what is your chair? What is it that you must shed before going to the next season?


If you would like to support my next season, click here. 🙂


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