“Hiding Among the Baggage”

“Just take a few steps in the light I’ve shown you and then trust me to light the rest as you go…what I have for you is better than you can imagine so pay close attention because you don’t want to miss this!”


Those are all words that have been spoken over me by my God as I enter this season. It is a season of change, growth, pursuit, and apparently of doubt and questioning. I truly believe that doubt and questioning are from and of God and that in the midst of that we come to truth. It’s just not that safe place you wish you could sit in for growth and throughout change. It’s not the comfort of being cradled and carried always, though He is the Comforter. He leads us into seasons of change to continue our growth, which isn’t easy.


There’s a Bob Dylan song that says, “He not busy being born is busy dying.” That quote just hit my radar yesterday and got me thinking. If you’ve been there though, you know that being born is just as fraught with peril in the temptation to be overcome by wild life, which is scary as I think it should be. Kind of like the rip current I’ve mentioned before.


Change can suck, for lack of a better sentiment.


I’ve been reflecting on this passage in 1 Samuel 10, about God’s people not wanting to rely on just God as their King anymore. They wanted something like the other nations had, and so God gave them Saul. The thing about him though was that he was pretty innocuous, from a small tribe and easy to overlook under normal circumstances.


Once it had all been whittled down, they ended up finding him “hiding among the baggage” (1 Sam. 10:22).


This always sticks with me, because we do that a lot, I think. Don’t you? God is calling us to something great, into our inheritance through Him, and I, for one, can end up balled up hiding among my junk thinking, “It’s cool, I got this.” As if I am doing some divine, ‘resting’ but I am really just being ridiculous.

Do we not even hide from the GOOD things, too, sometimes?


So, how can we embrace change and the big story God is calling us into? Because you know the story is bigger and better than you can imagine, right? And you are totally worthy of all this hullabaloo of searching through all the tribes and all the people and then all the baggage you just snuck into to ‘rest’ and be with God while you are also running from His bigness. God is pursuing you. What keeps you hiding?

It’s wild. It’s all wild. It’s like we consider the wilderness to be dry and full of anguish but it’s light and it’s hard but refreshing because God promises that, too, in our deserts.


Do not be afraid for I have ransomed you [bought you with a price]. I have called you by name; you are mine. (Isa. 43:1)

That passage goes on to say that the rivers will not drown you and the fire will not burn you up. But you have to first know that he has called you so you can get out of the baggage and be free with your Papa, right?


You have been bought with a hefty price and that is the love of your life. Get out of the baggage and embrace it!


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