An Adventurous Life – Trusting Off the Edge


To take risk; to venture upon.


What does it mean to live a life of adventure? Some definitions talk about danger, and hazardous experiences. But what does that look like when you are tirelessly working to maintain your family life, and a steady job, and church life here? Is adventure only an option if you are taking off to do something different? Or can you do something different and radical just where you are? Does it involve living differently? I believe so, but how does that look right where you are? Because your community needs change, too, right?


I used to think that being adventurous was to go out into the world, into unknown places far away and bring light. But if I carry light, do I not shine everywhere I go? Do you?


A question asked of me recently was, “What makes your heart beat?” I see those things and that heart beat growing into adventurously stepping out into any thing God calls me to. For me, running to another country is easier than being here. However, that’s not what God’s speaking right now. What happens when that’s not the adventure God’s called you into?


How do you recognize adventure right where you are?


Adventurous Trust

Right now, I am two weeks into my internship with a missions organization. I’ve been overseas with them before, and God has called me back. More specifically He’s called me back to an adventure that is all mine; I am standing here alone with God in it. So, the adventure starts with trust. I talked before about jumping off a cliff into unknown. Every so often I land on another ledge and choose, do I jump again? Do I take that one step further, again?


Trust is a funny thing. With trust come doubts, and then fears can creep in. Will I be sustained? Are you still my provider? Can I rest into you, God? So, what does that look like for you personally? What’s your adventure of trusting leading you towards? Is God big enough to not only be confident for you through your doubting and fears, but to anticipate your reactions before you even feel them?


So, this God who sustains us and who provides time and time again, He’s calling you out. Maybe not to foreign lands, maybe where you are. What does adventure look like then? It looks unexpected, so you probably didn’t anticipate it looking the way it does or the way it may shift. But those times are when you see God most clearly. Even if it seems foggy, it’s unfiltered grace God offers in the process.


What’s after trust though? Well, that story is still unwritten.


Adventurous Growth – Ministry Update

I don’t claim to know what is going to happen in the time I am here but I’d love to share what my position involves at the offices and in the community thus far. I am in the office setting up trips for youth groups and mobilizing the next generation onto the mission field for the summer. It’s a humbling thought that I can be used to bring life around the world by sitting at a desk and providing churches access to trips to light their youth’s hearts on fire in realization of the world beyond themselves. It’s my greatest desire here that these youth groups will be overwhelmed with experiencing God in new ways and make their faith their own.


Another aspect of the internship is that I will be able to be discipled and have a season of learning and growth to take into the coming seasons, whatever they may hold.


I still need people to join my journey, I still have $6000 to raise to be fully funded in this time. If you would like to make a one time or monthly donation to the mobilization of the next generation onto the mission field, I would love if you would help me reach that goal. Support me here!


One thought on “An Adventurous Life – Trusting Off the Edge

  1. Patricia Brady says:

    “Can I rest into you, God?” What a beautiful illustration of a child fully surrenduring in trust to their parent. Even at my age, when I am overwhelmed by the stress of life, I relax into my mom or dad and let all the tension go. It usually lasts only a moment and then I am refreshed. My parent may not even know I have a problem, but by “resting into” them I feel safe and reassured.

    You completely captured the engulfing, loving heart of God toward us. But unlike our earthly parents, God has already worked out our next step and knows we just need a moment of refreshment before he points our feet in the right direction.

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