We Belong to the Day


New life is born in struggle, on your knees, tearing at your soul. Agony in the depths breeds the deepest joys and ultimate thankfulness.

In Timothy it says, “We belong to the day.” We belong to the light. We are children of light. But we die a death to live and live to have that death again. The dark refines and sheds away the dead things. In a gut-wrenching pull toward the light we burst from the soil. We rush ourselves to open the bud and tear the delicate process and God doesn’t always mend but calls it good and clean and whole. A ripped mess of God’s holy glory refined for new life. In a barren field we cling to the promises of God to restore and to fill our harvest with what He’s promised. The hope that His promises are not forgotten and are coming soon brings humility and release.

In the overflow of God’s bleeding heart are our own bloody hearts whole and yet torn and bleeding. Refined but broken. The overflow of His heart drowns us and we gasp for new life amidst the outpouring. We think we may die, and we really won’t live until that death occurs.

Amidst the drowning we are being rescued. The rescue isn’t in our comfortable living without pain but it is in the sharp inhale of bloody drowning overflow where God cleans us out of ourselves and fills us with holy breath and heaven shaking life. We are then alive in divinely holy and clean disturbed beauty. In the dark, the death sheds off and new life explodes in a painful and lovely surrender to the day that draws us out of ourselves so that we can fully live.

And we can only fully surrender to the joys of life by embracing the depth of God’s rescue amidst the deep unfulfilled longing and wounded healing soul. In trusting that life comes from death comes from life. Dark sheds death and life is new again.

Passion that laughs at the terrors of hell will overflow you with a beautiful death so that you can live the fullest life of resurrection and freedom. Praise God!


One thought on “We Belong to the Day

  1. Heidi says:

    Mmm..simply beautiful, Toni-Lyn. So glad you’re in my life 🙂

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