The Big Move: Next & Right Now



I called my mom the other week and simply said, “Have I gone completely INSANE!? I feel CRAZY! What am I doing?!” She assured me that I am exactly where God has led me and encouraged me (like a good Mom) to “Take every opportunity that comes your way, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.” She also told me that I am not allowed to leave the country without getting my tonsils checked. I suppose that is a good Mom thing to do, too.


These times, they are a changin’. My heart is kinda torn. It’s still not real that I’m gone from Gainesville and yet my life is being thrust into 5 next steps. FIVE!? I’ve spent the last few days with friends in Savannah. I’ve shared my “what’s next” story well over 20 times. To be honest, I’m sick of hearing myself talk and yesterday I stopped caring what was going on in my life at all. “Yea, yea, Cambodia, whatever.” It started out with just wanting to hear about other people and deflecting my own story. In this moment, it’s all simply too much extroversion for my mind to remain engaged. I begin to pretend I am alone while with people, most likely resulting in my talking to myself like a loon. So, it’s good that today holds no solid plan and it will make for a healthy tomorrow. It’s 66 degrees cool outside and I sipped coffee (with formerly forsaken sugar granules) on the porch in the 9AM light (fave!) while Skyping with Bekah (fave!) in Ireland. It was good for the soul, to be sure.


Movin’ movin’ movin’


I was going to make this a video post, but that would mean I’d have to get out of pajama land and I’m just not prepared to do that. It is the first day I have had free since I’ve been here. Right now there are so many things on my plate that it looks more like a buffet and I guess I’m the manager of this mish mash buffet. Sometimes the soup gets mixed with the fried chicken lately, and I just have to call it what it is: a mental breakdown. Seriously, I feel like I’m totally insane lately. WHO DOES THIS!?


Over the last two weeks my apprenticeship ended and I moved out of my house to live from a suitcase for three months. I have a plan but in the whir of activity it tends to feel absurd at best. I know it’s not, you don’t need to tell me it’s not absurd, I know, I know. I know? The best adjective lately that took the place of “crazy” and “absurd” was that a respected friend/former classmate called it “ambitious”.


In a nutshell, in December, I am moving back to Savannah for awhile. Why? Some really amazing friends of mine asked me to join them in working with their ministry. What? I will be developing a community art program. How? Connections, grants, artist friends, local kiddos, and many well-timed acts of God. I already even have a new BIKE! For FREE! I’ll talk about that next time. If you don’t know, that’s the prime mode of transpo in Savannah.


In all truthfulness (looking ahead to when my introverted side rests up) I would love to share more about what is going on if you’re interested. Truly, it’s nice that people genuinely care and I am blessed by it to the point that it overwhelms me. But how cool to be overwhelmed because so many people genuinely care to know about your life! I will be blogging still and also video blogging from the road trip (anti-trafficking road trip in October). Video blogging… should be interesting.


So, there you have it. The ‘much-anticipated’ announcement of my plans for December. I am moving back to Savannah. Exciting. Scary. Overwhelming. New. Adventurous. Ambitious. People I love are here. I already found a free bike (that I prayed for months ago) and have multiple options for living arrangements. God gave me a vision to start this art program last January. Now, He is giving it to me, and providing and it is SO GOOD!


So, Savannah, it will be nice to greet you once more, with new eyes and a more grown up spirit, still growing. But before I even get back to you, I have some wildly absurd things to focus my attentions on. So, until we meet again.




TLK World Tour 2012:

September – NC

October – Anti-trafficking road trip: FL, NOLA, CHI, OH, NC, GA

November – Thailand & Cambodia: still in the works, visiting NGOs

December – Savannah: art program



3 thoughts on “The Big Move: Next & Right Now

  1. Dream Tour Team says:

    Bring it on. She’s ready!

  2. Larue says:

    Love you, Toni, and can’t wait to see you when you come…home? back? here? Just can’t wait to see you and hug you and hear all about you in person! Love, Aunt Larue

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