A Freedom Journey: Rethreaded

Day 2 & 3: Beach/Urban: Jacksonville, FL

The second day of our road trip was spent mostly driving to meet with our generous hosts, Danny & Heather, and attend a college Life Group led by my friend Mac. The group was a great opportunity for good discussion on the topic of freedom. Is there such thing as good or bad? Is there such thing as too much freedom?


Rethreaded: Jacksonville

Thursday morning we visited with Rethreaded. Rethreaded is a new non-profit organization working against sex slavery in Jacksonville. Founded by Kristin Keen (who is also the founder of Sari Bari), it is an organization that will provide sustainable training, employment, and mentoring for women who are rescued from the sex industry in the Jacksonville area. Their plan is to mentor internally, and as the women mature in the program they will mentor the new women who begin working within the organization. It’s an incredible chance for women who are otherwise unable to find employment* to have a sustainable job and truly create a new future. During their training they will even get to explore their gifts of creativity through an intensive art therapy series. With Florida being in the top three worst states for trafficking, this is an incredible opportunity to begin to erase women’s past horrors in exchange for the beauty of creation and new life.









Rethreaded plans to begin by creating a line of children’s clothing from recycled t-shirts. They also sell items from other companies that are involved in eradicating sex slavery around the world.




Right now they have an ongoing event called 8.25 “Investing in Freedom Campaign”. For $8.25 you can support one of the women for one hour of training. It’s genius, as are their growing ideas and location facilities! To learn more visit their website listed above.


*Typically women who have been involved in sex trafficking and prostitution as a whole have a criminal record that can’t be erased. There has been movement in legislature of some states over the last few years to finally view these women as victims and not criminals, and to instead go after the pimps and johns who are enslaving and supplying the demand.


Thanks for reading! I am currently on the Dream Tour exploring what the anti-trafficking movement looks like around the US.

Photo cred: Toni-Lyn Keller (aka, me)


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