A Freedom Journey: Resources

I still can’t quite get over the fact that God opened up all this creativity in having ideas for an anti-trafficking road trip and then beyond any sensical notion, it actually came to pass! Not only did it come to pass but it has now passed and there was so much provision and favor over the trip that I am STILL processing it all in hopes to share more.

For right now, I wanted to provide a list of resources from the organizations we visited. As I process through the information I will post and share thoughts on the journey. Thanks for sharing this with others and furthering the chance for change!



1. Beautiful Feet Ministries – North GA


(770) 561-1744


Beautiful Feet is a ministry under SSRevolution, based out of Gainesville, GA. They work to build friendships with women working in the sex industry in North Georgia. They go into clubs with only one mission, to build friendships and share the love & joy of Christ through their actions and relationship. They are a great resource for information on the area. It is very limited access to be directly involved in the ministry due to protection of the relationships being built. They do hope to eventually be able to bring in new team members.




2. Rethreaded – Jacksonville, FL



(904) 438-8109


Rethreaded is an organization in Jacksonville, FL. They are a new organization that is working to provide sustainable jobs within their warehouse for women coming out of prostitution. The women they hire also go through intensive training to build them up and enhance their creative abilities. They accept internships.




4. World Relief – Tampa, FL




World Relief is an international organization that has had a well-known impact on the world around us. World Relief Tampa is specifically combating trafficking in the greater Tampa Bay area. They provide rescue, rehabilitation, and counseling for women who are rescued from trafficking. World Relief partners with authorities in the area to build a strong force against the horrors of trafficking in their area. They accept internships.




5. The Foundery – Savannah, GA



The Foundery is a new ministry that is working to provide a safe place to be and bring community to downtown Savannah. While they are not directly working against sex trafficking, some of its members are making great strides within Savannah to bring freedom to the captives. They provide a great picture of the impact that simply knowing, valuing, and loving your neighbor, has on eradicating a large array of injustices.




6. Hope House/On Eagles Wings – Asheville, NC


(877) 276-8023


Hope House is an organization working with the rehabilitation of minors who are coming out of sex trafficking. They also provide shelter for women, job training, and outreach through On Eagles Wings. Hope House also has a program called Fields of Hope that help these women become financially independent. Hope House works to restore women’s and children’s lives to live in freedom from the exploitation of their past. They do accept internships and job opportunities.




7. Emmaus – Chicago, IL



Emmaus is an organization that has been working to restore the lives of men who have been involved in prostitution on the streets of Chicago. They have been an organization for 20 years and have expanded to include a safe space for men to meet over a meal, have counseling, job resources, and community. Emmaus provides outreach to the men on the streets seven nights a week. They also have an internship program called Kaio where you can volunteer with them full time while living in community. Emmaus is a well-established program that is unique in pursuing the freedom of men trapped in prostitution on the streets of Chicago. They are the only ministry of its kind in the US. They welcome applicants to the Kaio internship program.




8. Thistle Farms/Magdalene – Nashville, TN


615) 298-1140


Thistle Farms is a part of Magdalene. Magdalene is a 2-year rehabilitation program for women who have come out of lives of prostitution. These women go through counseling and work toward freedom together, in community. These women also have an opportunity to learn new job skills through working with Thistle Farms. They hand make a variety of bath & body products and also create their own products from their very own hand-made paper. You can purchase any of these products online or by visiting them on site in Nashville. They do provide internship opportunities.



The journey to visit all of these amazing organizations was filled with blessings. We always had a place to rest, gas in our tank, and food in our bellies. Thank you if you sponsored. This has built connections to hundreds of Kingdom Dreamers coming off the field each year. 


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