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Cambodia Resources: Giving Up A Hell of A Normal

Well, friends, I recently shared my story of the baby we saw being trafficked by the sea in Cambodia and you all responded! I am beyond thrilled at the new level of knowing! It is amazing what happens when we come together and truly voice that this is NOT normal. Child sex trafficking is one of the greatest horrors in this world and while there are great strides toward freedom, there is still a lot to learn and many more rescues to be made.


Due to the responses I’ve received behind the scenes regarding said child trafficking post from last week, I wanted to supply my readers with resources. There has been an incredible and resounding call for information on organizations we met with that are actively fighting against this in various ways.


Photo Credit: Kristen Tores-Toro (click for her blog)

Photo Credit: Kristen Tores-Toro (click for her blog)


There are three main things you can do with this information below…


EDUCATE: Inform yourself and others on what is happening, show them the original post and then discuss these organizations and what they are doing for the fight against this injustice.

SERVE: Find out ways you can serve these organizations. Do they have opportunities for you to start a movement on their behalf from where you are? Can you find out if you can visit them overseas? Even something as simple as writing cards or sending care packages for encouragement. Connect with them and find out what their needs are!

DONATE: These are nonprofits that are working hard to make freedom and restoration a reality for these kids. A lot of the questions I have received have been about where to donate money and these are amazing causes to consider! If not a cause, I can give you names of specific missionaries and connect you to them. We sat with the leaders of these and other organizations and heard their stories, watched their programs, saw the children flourishing!


Imagine, with the impact this one blog had on you and weight of the knowing; then working in this field facing multiple stories like this daily, and knowing the kids in the midst of it all. This is front lines work! Knowing is the simplest start to changing the world. With an awareness of the issues we can learn how to move forward in the fight.


Photo credit: Kristen Tores-Toro * (Click to see her blog)

Photo credit: Kristen Tores-Toro * (Click to see her blog)


Another thing that I didn’t list above but combines all of these responses is to PRAY, if indeed you do pray. Pray against darkness, lies, attack, sickness, and hardship. Pray for renewed hope and creative new ways for healing and restoration. Pray life over the teams and over the babies and kids they work to rescue.

*In order to protect the integrity of these organizations and the children involved, images used are not of children involved in the programs with organizations listed below.



Cambodia: Resources for Child Trafficking

1. Hard Places

Hard Places was founded by Allie Mellon in 2008. Allie is a well-respected friend and a strong leader of hope and change. This organization was formed in response to the great need to serve the children who were being sold and quickly found what darkness and horror surrounded them. Today they have a Kids Club that meets daily and allows for these children, many of whom are still being sold by their families by night, to experience joy and laughter through camp-like activities. They also provide tutoring for children who have fallen behind developmentally due to their abuse. In addition to these programs they also have done groundbreaking work in researching male prostitution in Phnom Penh and building rescue and rehabilitation for males who are trapped in this industry. They are taught English and put through a job program where they work as tour guides for the city!


Please see for yourself the work they are doing and get to know them a bit more through their website and contact. They are doing absolutely incredible things. Blessings as you grow in this knowledge, may the light that comes from their work overwhelm all dark you may find.


2. Agape International Ministries

Agape exists right outside of Phnom Penh in a village called Svay Pak. You will have seen them in a few different documentaries on sex trafficking, most notably Nefarious. If you haven’t seen nefarious it is an absolute must see, I sobbed and snotted the entire way through it. But being in the village and seeing the restoration there alone was stunning. The work they are doing to rescue the children and provide sustainable work for those in rehabilitation is miraculous to say the least. They have many opportunities to get involved here or overseas and many ways to support the ministry. One way to support them is through purchasing merchandise that is handmade by the women in rehabilitation there, and I can attest that it is well made and lovely.


Please see what Agape is doing and hear more of their jarring but redemptive story of how they found this little village where almost every single child was trafficked and held in captivity. You will want to grab tissues and prepare yourself with truth to accompany these horrors. The truth being that God is light, He rescues, He redeems even this darkness, this hell is actively being defeated. There is hope that is real.


Photo Credit: Connie Rock (Click photo to see her blog)

Photo Credit: Connie Rock (Click photo to see her blog)


Even More Trafficking Rsources: Cambodia!

Agape and Hard Places were the two main organizations we visited that deal with child sex trafficking specifically. There is a list of others at the bottom of this post that you should check out as well. They deal with the issue of sex trafficking as a whole and also one that works with street kids more generally. These are places we visited as well and are just as amazing and credible. Please inform yourself and share what you now know! Share the story from Wednesday and choose to give up this hell of a normal, claim that it isn’t normal anymore for you!

Thanks for reading! May there always be light with you to pervade all darkness as you learn about these issues and fight for change.


Daughters (and Sons!) of Cambodia

International Justice Mission

Precious Women Ministry

Friends International


Coming Soon! Sex trafficking & St. Patty’s in Savannah. Did you know that the St. Patrick’s Day celebration here is known to be the second largest in the world? It brings in hundreds of thousands of tourists and increases sex trafficking greatly by as yet unknown numbers. As the task force assembles to raise awareness of identifying victims during this event there is a lot of ground to cover. Stay posted!