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The Freedom Tour: On the Road!


Statistics say that there are 2.5 million people trafficked around the world today. There are around 80% who are women, and 50% who are children.*


The main issue with those statistics are that sex trafficking is so undergrouns it tends to be imperceptible once someone has already been trafficked. This certainly does not exclude the US. In cities and also rural and suburban areas, the sexual exploitation of people is prevalent and thriving, usually right under our noses and under the guise of many different fronts.


Being Change & Hope

Having volunteered with organizations fighting against this in Savannah and Atlanta, and also developed outreach in a rural area, I noticed the vast differences in what sexual exploitation and trafficking looks like from even that short distance. In acknowledging this, I developed a road trip across part of the US to visit and hear stories of people who are actively fighting against this injustice in various parts of the country.


What does it look like where you are?


Prevention/Educating Yourself for Freedom

We believe that a HUGE part of the process toward eradicating sexual slavery in the states is through prevention. One of the best ways to prevent something is to educate yourself on what to look for and continue to educate others on what is going on in your areas. Find what it looks like where you and and what others may be doing to combat this issue.


On the Freedom Road Trip

I am now on a team with one other person, Roberto Calderon, and we are traveling parts of the eastern US currently to get a better picture of this and share some of those stories along the way. We will provide resources as available for the organizations we visit and post some video. We hope you enjoy these stories as they are part of our growing yet surprisingly tiny world, full of life & hope and the victory of restoration that is dawning!




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Team Freedom currently consists of Roberto Calderon and myself. We are currently in Jacksonville, FL heading to West Palm Beach soon! We are going as part of Dream Tour.


*UN Global Compact

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